Health Safety and Environment

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This policy conforms to the interests, ethical understanding, social responsibility and shared values of SAY. In our activities, we will create a difference in the quality perception of the sector through our applications which are the indicators of our sensitivity for the safety of our employees as well as of third persons and also for the environment. We guarantee a continuous development in our performance related with quality, environment, work safety and health. Our purposes based on the continuous growth and development with our Process and Project Management, our performance measurement and evaluation system and our efforts for an effective communication, will bring us the following successes with the contribution of all of our employees, sub-contractors and visitors:

  • Quality: Our purpose is to offer the goods and the services produced by us in a quality that is higher than the quality of our competitors, in the most productive and economical way on time. For this purpose, we offer aesthetic products that are more secure and have longer lifetimes beyond the expectations of our customers. We struggle to create the best at the first time, together with our employees in a quiet and safe working environment.
  • Environment: We implement an Environment Management System that is supported by the top management and accepted and applied by all employees, audited and reviewed, that can be monitored by the public and be continuously developed.

We are making efforts continuously in order to control and decrease the quantity of all waste material and their impact on the environment by encouraging and supporting the efficient use of energy and other natural resources, their recycling and revaluation, thus to minimize the consumption of energy and other natural resources.

Our efforts in order to use raw material and technologies that have little impact on the environment and can be recycled, during the product and process development phases and production phases continue.

We train the environmental sensitivity of all employees, sub-contractors and suppliers; and support the related activities in order to increase the sensitivity.

  • Work Safety and Health: Our basic policy is to secure a safe and healthy working area for all of our employees, to secure order and equipment and the training and education needed therefore. Besides, we accept our responsibilities for the safety and health of the persons who are effected from our responsibilities.

SAY is aware of its responsibilities for the workers' health, safety and security of its partners as well as of its responsibilities for the environment protection. SAY managers and employees believe that a healthy, safe and secure and environmentally continual business is necessary for the advantage of its employees, their families, customers, suppliers and other coordinating institutional partners.

  • Laws and Regulations: We conform with all the legal conditions related with Work Safety and Environment Management and monitor them continuously. These conditions are recorded in the procedures in our Quality System.

SAY will continuously develop itself in order to secure the achievement of the said works and purposes and will be global company.