Health Safety and Environment

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Our purpose is to create a culture in which our "Health-Safety and Environment" Management System that has started with the driving force of our customers in 2004 and integrated in the SAY Policies & Purposes & Principles in 2007 will be accepted in every stage of our organization.

We have determined the actions to be taken in order to achieve this purpose and we continue our applications periodically.

Our Applications:

  • We have audited our "Quality & HSSE Integrated Management System" with regard to its conformity with ISO 9999, ISO 1400 and OHSAS 18000 standards and have documented (Lloyd's Register, 2007).
  • We have reconstructed the organization of our HSSE Board which meets every month. We have increased the efficiency of our Board consisting of the Plant Manager, HSSE Administrator, Human Resources Manager, Field Operations Manager, Production Manager, Company Physician, Production Responsible, Maintenance Responsible, Workers' Representative.

    We pass resolutions related with the measurements to be taken and we secure their application.
  • We have let our employees be trained in the issue of "Fire" and formed the Emergency Teams (Şimşekler Yangın Şti. – 2007)
  • We have let the installation teams and the staff using vehicles frequently be trained in the issue of "Safe Driving Tecniques" (2007)
  • We have let our employees be trained in the issue of "First Aid". We have formed First Aid Teams (Association of Emergent Medicine - 2008)
  • We have also let our installations teams be trained in the issue of "Basic First Aid" (112 Emergency Service Physician – 2009)
  • We started to monitor the unsafe situations and movements in plant with the camera systems installed in the company.
  • We have made our employees aware of the risks related with the working – carrying of heavy objects (112 Emergency Service Physician – 2007)
  • We let the periodic maintenance and measurements of the lifting equipment, lightning conductors, fire extinguishers, electric panels be made by related organizations.
  • In cases of accidents, in cases resulting with small injuries and do not make great damage, we discuss the issue face-to-face in order to analyze the unsafe cases/movements, take measures and to secure employee awareness. We create statistics of accident data and evaluate them.
  • We let the health controls and tests of all of our employees periodically.
  • We let the tests and analyses in the plant (noise - vibration - temperature - ventilation - humidity - VOC - waste oil-potable and non-potable water) be made by licensed laboratories periodically.
  • We classify our waste material and deliver them to licensed recycling companies with licensed transport companies.
  • We declare our hazardous waste material to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
  • We give our new employees HSSE education under the orientation training. We let them be examined in their capacity and secure that they get the same education again in case of non-success.
  • We continue to be the "Accredited Contractor" of some of our customers who lead us in the matter of HSSE after passing the HSSE audits organized by them successfully.
  • Our purpose is to continue our HSSE performance that has been awarded a prize by our customers.
  • We transfer the HSSE applications which our leaders like and want them to an example for other contractors.
  • The HSSE administrator trains all SAY employees and sub-contractors in the issue of "Basic HSSE " and the dangers-risks-accident statistics as well as the measures to be taken will be shared and the trainings will be repeated periodically.
  • Security meetings will be held with our employees, sub-contractor related with different HSSE issues.
  • The working and leave systems of our customers will be transmitted to our employees.
  • An Apprentice School has been opened within our company in 2002 with the permission of the Ministry of National Education. Our school which is active in the professional field of Advertisement Signboards and Wooden Works, gives HSSE education to the students.