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A design, which starts with a dream sometimes or with a logo at some other times, continues with 2D and 3D drawings. Our customers have the possibility to see the designs of their dreams in a virtual environment and also to comment. The various requests of the customer for modifications will be satisfied on the drawing in this phase and the approved design will be achieved.
The secret of an installation without problems is a correct determination. SAY uses experienced team for the determination services, which effect the success of the projects directly, and can collect the determination data from all points of the country in its center in a short time.
The final approval of the customer will be obtained with the real-size sample works before the serial production. The final modifications of the samples are the basic design date for the serial production. SAY offers the services with a team that is especially trained for sample works.
The common characteristic of the visual communication products is the joint usage of many different materials. SAY has a machine park and experienced staff for the treatment of very different material such as sheet iron, aluminum, stainless, chrome, PMMA, ABS, Pet-g, wood and glass. Therefore, the productions can be delivered to the installation area directly from one structure.
Even if the products from the plant are high qualified, no customer satisfaction will be achieved, if the installation is not correct. SAY Installation Teams who have been trained in all issues in order to make installations in accordance with HSSE conditions, are serving in each point of the country. The teams are trained specially for working under dangerous working conditions and only those, who have authorization certificates due to their success, are allowed to work in the field.
The easiest method for the management is the satisfaction of the requirements from one point. SAY offers to the customers the possibility of receiving services from one point during all processes, starting from design up to installation. The offered services and products are created within SAY and this eliminates the risks of third party services.